Well, I’m happy to report I have successfully entered the enigmatic country of China! We lost an entire weekend to time changes and nearly 24 hrs of travel as we are technically 10 hrs ahead of mountain time, so I’m actually writing this post from the future – awesome, I know.

Our Internet access hasn’t been setup so the photos and more detailed blog post will have to wait. I am writing this post on the very slow 2g CDMA network from my phone (There is 3G available but it is only on GSM devices). Supposedly wifi and ethernet are supposed to work, but they do not. However, though the 2g network is slow, the google translate app works perfectly! We have been relying heavily on the translations and have successfully ordered food, asked for directions, and even asked our waitress to “hang on a minute while we decide” – technology is amazing.

The people here are absolutely wonderful. They are very interested in using their english, learning about Americans, and have been kind to us beyond measure. We are much like celebrities walking around town, my head swells daily as I have had many Chinese ask to take their picture with me, saying to our translators, “oh you are very handsome!” I wink, smile and oblige, which give rise to jubilation and giggles- often from both the men and women wanting photos. If only it were so easy in the States!

It’s really quite fascinating how happy these people are in general, they all seem to be smiling and laughing with each other.

The humidity in Dalian (where we will be for the next 2 weeks studying China and STS at DUT, Dalian University of Technology) is quite staggering. I’ll post pictures soon but it is so thick here you could cut it with a knife and nearly every picture has an immediately discernible fog to it. Even so, it’s a refreshing reprieve from the scorching desert heat that has been Colorado for the past few weeks.

so much has happened already that I can’t wait to share, and it has really only been a full day here! When I have a proper Internet connection, I will be burning up the keys…

Speaking of burning, how are the fires? Dying down I hope.

Well I hope everyone is doing well, I’ll be posting lots of photos and thoughts soon!