We traveled by ferry from Dalian to Yantai today as part of the second half of our China trip.  The boat was great, I was tired from a long night before so after a quick breakfast, our guide asked if we wanted to rent a cabin to sleep.  Myself and a few others jumped at the opportunity.  The ferry ride was 7 hours but with a good 5 hrs of sleeping, it was like a 30 minutes trip for me!  I took a few shots so I thought I’d post.  I just did a shot count and am around 1100 (jeez!).  The upload times out on big data transfers so I’ll have to stick with a few posts a day.  Yantai has a population of around 6.5 million, the size of LA and the US’s second most populace city (NY at over 8 million is number one).  The Chinese with us said Yantai is really considered a smaller city…

On the way over the seagulls sit in the boats air envelop which allow them to glide at about arms length on the deck of the ship, it was entertaining for all of us!

The babies love Katie with her pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Much like Dalian, the entire city of Yantai is under construction. They use the beautiful colored billboards to conceal it.


Yantai night shot.