A few words on Beijing and in general, traffic in China. First, crossing major streets in China takes some getting used to. The people literally just walk out into incoming traffic, fitting between the cars as they pass by. We were terrified! Even in the areas that had walking signals, the cars disregard them. It’s ridiculous at first, but by the end of the trip, we were all fairly comfortable with the idea of stepping out into traffic, literally playing frogger across the walkways to get across the street.

Second, the sewer systems in China are really pretty bad. Dalian was better in some cases but for the most part, they were similar. As what became characteristic in walking the city streets in China, the sewer smells would come, choking walkers by with the smell of urine and waste, and then away it would go. Of course after the insane rain that came later that day, there was huge flooding in the city. Apparently it was the worst rain in 60 years. I shot a quick video with the incredible 5d Mark II as an HD test, it turned out amazing. Watch it in 1080P full screen.

Really, other than the heat in Beijing, that’s all I have to critique about China.  The people are still very welcoming, the food is amazing, and the ancient sites in Beijing are beautiful.  More pictures coming soon!